We Serve a Diverse Set of Industries

We are always looking to expand our customer base.


We are ISO certified to plate automotive parts to meet Specifications and Salt Spray requirements of all types. In addition we specialize in handling all the testing and reporting for you that your customer may require.


We do Plating for all types of hand tools: -Barrel nickel chrome (Tin Cobalt) -Barrel Zinc -Rack Nickel and Chrome Hex or Tin Cobalt Note:Tin cobalt is an environmentally friendly chrome with superior ability to cover the part.


We do both Tin and Silver Plating on electrical contacts for conductivity purposes.

Machined Parts

We do finishing on all types of machined parts that require masking, gaging, and specific thicknesses in designated areas of the part.


A common issue for tube manufacturers is rusting on the inside diameter. We have developed processes which protect against this. From simple oil to Seals to metallic coatings which all cover the entire inside of the tube.

Point Of Purchase Displays

We have done display units everyone from Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Torri Berch and Victoria Secret Out ability to polish, plate, along with coming up with custom finishes makes us unique plating company. We enjoy the artistic side of this industry.

Furniture and Lighting

We do finishes of all types for these industries and because we do our own Polishing and buffing we take responsibility for your entire finish.


We have Plating techniques and processes to overcome the nesting and tangling that is common with springs.


We have been Plating hinges for 50 years. We developed processes to handle the challenges of both cleaning and Plating the knuckles on these parts.

Other industries

These are some of only a few of the Industries we serve. We pride ourselves in the diversity of customers we have.